Time to Get Rid of Geese and Deer

Goose Cop and Deer Cop are proven to quickly get rid of geese and other wildlife. The device uses an inflatable, motion-activated passive infrared system to repel geese, deer and other wildlife from your property.


The patented Goose Cop’s arsenal of avian control techniques makes it the most effective product for your dock, shoreline or garden property. Easy out-of-box setup reduces hassle and its rugged weatherproof design keeps Goose Cop intact even through inclement weather. Immediate, motion activation and anti-adaptation methods rid your property of geese and other invasive critters as long as it’s active.


The Deer Cop uses the same patented technology as Goose Cop, but is intended for gardens, landscape and arboreal properties. Deer and other wildlife eat vegetation, strip trees of their bark, and leave excrement that takes time and money to repair. Other deer and wildlife products fall prey to the same problem as common geese deterrents—they are quickly adapted to or navigated around. Deer Cop field studies show that once activated, deer and other wildlife (depending on sensitivity) will actively avoid the area.

Base Specifications

  • Price: $349.95
  • Height: 7 ft.
  • Effective Area: 100×50 ft.
  • Envelope Color: Red

Call 269-528-3126 for
12 ft and 20 ft models

Included with each purchase:

  • Goose Cop inflatable

  • Canvas pouch

  • Blower

  • Strobe light

  • Receiver unit

  • One wireless motion sensor with battery and mast

  • Ground stake

  • Plywood base

  • Carrying bag for storage

  • Owner’s manual

Additional Sensors

Additional sensors can be bought to increase effective area for added protection.

  • Up to eight additional sensors can be purchased

  • Can communicate up to 500 ft. away

  • Rolling code technology reduces interference

Owner's Manuals

Download the Goose Cop and Deer Cop owner's manual.

Need Help?

See our FAQs for common questions about the deterrent system and how it works.

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