About Goose Cop

Despite a large number of products currently on the market, no product had been found to be truly effective at preventing the presence of nuisance geese.

Jack O’Shea knew this all too well, every product he tried either didn’t work, was ridiculously expensive and still didn’t work, worked for very short time or was just downright silly.

He found a disgusting mess and hours of clean up confronting him every time he arrived at his Michigan lake home for a relaxing weekend. Even after cleaning up, Jack feared the health hazards the residual fecal matter posed to his kids and pets. SEE GOOSE FACTS PAGE FOR HEALTH DANGERS. Jack had had enough, he had experience with wildlife control at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, unfortunately, propane cannons and pistol fired pyrotechnics wouldn’t be adaptable or practical for most homeowners.

Putting his electrical and mechanical background to work along with a little detective work. A simple patented inflatable device was found to have been in use in California and a few other states. It had been chasing birds and wildlife from farm fields and vineyards for years. After many months of field testing; experimenting with motion and microwave radar sensors along with light beam fences, Jack coupled what is known as a “Dancing Man” with wireless motion technology to activate when geese are detected and the Goose Cop was born.

A neighbor asked if the Goose Cop might would work chasing deer from his garden in Wisconsin, a Goose Cop system was set up and again after many months of field testing at several locations, zero browsing was found in the protected areas and the Deer Cop was born. Simple, humane, fully automatic, cost-effective AND GUARANTEED!!

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