Deer Cop System

Deer Deterrent System

As you know the majority of damaged caused by deer to your garden and landscaping occurs in the winter months. When the leaves fall deer switch to alternative foods, typically anything that’s available.

There are many deer deterrents out there, their effectiveness depends on how quickly deer adjust to them. The Deer Cop evolved from our proven Goose Cop design, it’s operation is identical to the Goose Cops. With its unpredictable random undulations, reflective hair, crazy eyes, mean looking scowl, plus the internal lighting like effect of the strobe light combined with the noise of the fan make the Deer Cop a truly effective deer deterrent!

Field testing at several locations reduced browsing to zero and deer did not return to the protected area.

  • Motion activated and fully automatic, operates only when deer or other wildlife is detected.
  • Fast and easy to set up or take down
  • Cost effective
  • Patent pending

Check out the rest of this website for all of the Deer Cop features.


Instant Protection For Your Garden And Surrounding Landscape!

Unlike Any Other Deer Deterrent Products!

We are Yorks, our strategists will help you set an objective and choose your tools, developing a plan for your business.

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