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How It Works

How to Keep Geese, Deer and Garden Invaders Away

Animals naturally avoid predators, but they also communicate and learn quickly. The Goose and Deer Cop systems are the best deterrents because they are unpredictable and resistant to adaptation. Flashing lights, auditory and static deterrents become ineffective after geese figure out they’re not threats.

How Quickly Does It Work?

Goose Cop uses motion activation to sense when there are unwanted geese, deer or other critters around. When spotted (up to 100x50 ft. per sensor) the Goose or Deer Cop immediately inflates for five minutes.

What Keeps Them Away?

The Goose and Deer Cop use six high-projection LED strobe lights to illuminate the large red inflatable system. Refractive hair and random undulations keep critters from adapting to a pattern, and the sound of the device inflating can mimic hissing or predatory warning signs.

Rest Assured

The Goose and Deer Cop systems are intentionally triggered for only five minutes at a time for several reasons. Deterrents that turn on and stay on all day and night will allow animals to quickly adapt. The Goose and Deer Cop systems are only activated after being triggered by passive infrared sensors, and immediately frighten off geese, deer and other pests. These systems also save on costs because they are not draining power while inactive.

Owner's Manuals

Download the Goose Cop and Deer Cop owner's manual.

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