List price is $349.95, this includes the Goose Cop and canvas pouch, blower/strobe light/receiver unit, one wireless motion sensor with battery and mast, ground stake, plywood base, owner’s manual and carrying bag.

This is a super value! Simple flashing light units cost the same or more and are only active at night. The Goose Cop provides protection 24/7 and only when needed.
Yes, up to eight motion sensors can be paired with a Goose Cop unit. Each motion sensor can transmit up to 500 feet and uses rolling code technology to prevent accidental activation of neighboring Goose Cop systems. Kit includes motion sensor, battery, ground stake and mast. List price is $69.95
No, each sensor will cover an area of about 60 x 36 feet, 100% coverage is not necessary. It has been our experience that one sensor will adequately protect an area measuring approximately 100 x 50 feet. Geese will wonder in and out of the detection area, so complete coverage is not necessary. Geese may hang around the periphery but quickly become distracted and then agitated by the Goose Cops movement and sound that they soon leave the area with little waste left behind.
No, The Goose Cop operates on household current therefore operating the Goose Cop on a dock or pier would be extremely dangerous! Though the unit is made with non-conductive materials and is suitable for damp and rainy conditions and must be operated on a ground fault interrupter (GFI) protected circuit. It would still pose an electrocution hazard to swimmers if it were to fall into the water. We do offer an optional motion sensor dock mount if shore-based sensors are out of range.

We are developing a low voltage model for use on docks and piers and should be available in the near future.
The Goose Cop works extremely well on deer! Our Deer Cop version is identical to the Goose Cop except the sensitivity is set lower. Other types of wildlife including nearly all species of birds, also coyotes, ducks and cats.

Owner's Manuals

Download the Goose Cop and Deer Cop owner's manual.

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