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Goose Deterrent System

Unpredictable random undulations, reflective hair, crazy eyes, mean looking scowl, internal lightning like effect of the strobe light combine with the noise of the fan make the Goose Cop a truly effective goose deterrent!

Utilizes a proven patented inflatable design that has been chasing unwanted wildlife from farm fields and vineyards’ for years

Incredibly fast and easy to set up and take down

Fully automatic, only operates when geese or other wildlife are detected, keeps them guessing!

Instantly protects your property, shoreline and dock right out of the box

Eliminates a time consuming dirty and disgusting job

Goose Cop provides:

  • Instant protection
  • Offers peace of mind
  • Rugged weatherproof design
  • Patent pending
  • Cost effective


Always on duty defending your shoreline.

Instantly Protects Your Property, Shoreline And Dock!

Unlike Any Other Deterrent Products!

We are Yorks, our strategists will help you set an objective and choose your tools, developing a plan for your business.

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