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View Photos of the Goose Cop System

Goose Cop At Work

Geese on both sides of property, far group just under neighbors shed light, staying clear of Goose C

Geese approaching from neighboring property Goose Cop activates, geese flee

005238 Geese behind camera sound of geese grazing GC activates

Single goose in frame, GC activates goose leaves

Daylight activation, geese flee

3a Goose Cop activated, geese leave

Geese approcing from right, Goose Cop activates, geese flee

Crane approaches slowly from right, activates Goose Cop

Reflective Hair, Crazy Eyes, Mean Looking Scowl And More!

Goose Cop Is A Truly Effective Goose Deterrent!

We are Yorks, our strategists will help you set an objective and choose your tools, developing a plan for your business.

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