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Immediate and Lasting Action

Goose and Deer Cop systems use a patented, motion-activated system with wireless sensors to immediately inflate and initiate random, chaotic movements. This prevents geese and other wildlife from learning that patterns like blinking lights or static deterrents are not predators. Agitated geese and deer will not return to an area known to have an active predator.


Less Mess. More Weekend.

Goose droppings and animal feces accumulate quickly, so your property needs to have a rugged and reliable weatherproof goose deterrent while you’re away. Set it up when you leave your property and take it down when you arrive—free of mess and droppings.

More than Cost Effective

The versatile Deer Cop mimics a natural predator so effectively that it has been proven to keep deer and other wildlife from eating flowers, vegetation and crops in surrounding areas. The patented Deer Cop system uses the same chaotic movements, combined with lights and reflective hair to consistently deter garden invaders from your property while active.

Deer Cop Now Available

Our patented inflatable design that has been chasing unwanted wildlife from farm fields and vineyards for years.

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