Attention: If geese are being or have been fed or treated as pets and hence have lost their fear of humans, nothing other than a big dog will chase them off!


  • Geese with their goslings will be very slow to move as they will not abandon their young. But they will move on, please be patient!
  • Since all properties are different it is very important to experiment with sensor and blower location to get the best performance. If you are having trouble dialing in your Goose/Deer Cop system give us a call or send an email, we’ll use satellite imagery to assist you.
  • The sensor detection area is 110° horizontally and 12° vertically. If you are using the full length of the mast (48”) for maximum coverage, angle down the sensor slightly if the sensor doesn’t seem to detect the geese. Also, try shortening the mast, using only two sections to improve detection.
  • Because of the receiver antenna orientation, on rare occasions the sensor placement may be in a blind spot and unable to communicate with the blower. If your unit is not activating try changing the blower location.
  • Do Not program the same sensor more than once to an individual blower. Doing so will cause the blower to run continuously or not function at all. All sensors programmed to the blower will have to be erased then reprogrammed.
  • Do Not change the CDS jumper under the sensor battery cover. In the OFF position, the sensor detects movement full time, in the dark position, it will only detect movement at night. Remove the jumper and the sensor will not work!!
  • Sensors may need up to two minutes to stabilize once the battery has been installed or changed.
  • Sensors need a few seconds between activations to reset, waving your hand continuously in front of the sensor will not allow the sensor to re-set, therefore the blower will fail to activate.
  • The motion sensor resets the blower back to 5 minutes each time it detects movement, keep this in mind should you notice the unit operating longer than normal.
  • If your unit stops working, especially if its been unplugged for an extended period of time, erasing and re-programming the sensors may be necessary. As with most modern electronic devices rebooting or reprogramming usually solves the problem.
  • Deep lots, (over 100’) may require 2 units and additional sensors. Geese may be gaining access to your property from behind or through neighboring property.
  • Unplugging then immediately plugging the unit back in or if there is a very short power interruption will cause the blower to go into override mode and run continuously. Unplugging the power then reconnecting after 10 seconds will put the unit back to auto mode. Motion detection will also put the unit back into auto mode and will time out after 5 minutes.


!!Please familiarize yourself with the owner’s manual!!

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