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What Makes The Goose Cop Such A Good Value?

Goose CopThe Goose Cop system is not a toy, gimmick or something that is to be looked upon with amusement. It is high quality, rugged and very well engineered. It combines the attributes of many goose deterrents on the market today making it very cost effective and, in many cases, less expensive than existing products, let’s compare a few of them.

Decoys, such as plastic coyotes, alligators, snakes, and swans etc. range from $25 to $100 each. Geese are very intelligent creatures, once they realize these are stationary and pose no threat, they are simply ignored!

Fence or string systems do offer some protection until the geese figure out how to get around or behind the barrier. These systems cost $75-$100 or more depending on length and need to be taken down when they interfere with the enjoyment the lake front or beach. They also pose a tripping danger and possible injury if they are fallen on.

Existing flashing light units are useless during the day when geese cause much of the damage, and at night, ignored after a short time because the look never varies and stays in the same location and again after a while no threat is perceived. One manufacturer even states that it might take up to 90 days to become effective!! Geese produce a great deal of excrement in 90 days. The Goose Cop system is effective immediately. These lights are also ridiculously expensive for what is basically a flashing traffic barrier or rotating vehicle roof light. They are priced between $250-$450!

Sound systems that broadcast geese distress calls become ineffective once again when the geese realize no threat is present. Besides who wants to listen to screaming bird sounds day and night. These systems cost an astounding $1000.

Hand held laser systems must be aimed directly at the geese, they’re supposed to work well but require your continuous presence to keep the laser on them and are incredibly expensive, $500-$1500. I wonder if a laser pointer would have the same effect?

Big flashy eye balls and reflective tape and disks hung from trees… totally useless in about an hour.

One of the coolest goose deterrents, and I’m sure it works great, is similar to a miniature airboat! It is radio controlled and costs a mere $3000. It’s probably great fun to operate but poses a great injury risk to the geese as it has a front facing propeller, however, just like the laser system would only be effective while in operation.

Other deterrents and repellants range from foul tasting sprays which can cost $250 for 2½ gallons and are only effective till the first rain to ultrasonic repellents that simply don’t work.

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