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What Makes The Goose Cop An Effective Deterrent System?

The Goose Cop is the most unique and effective goose deterrent system on the market today! The basic design has been chasing birds and other wildlife from farm fields and vineyards in California for years. We partnered with the manufacturer of this patented, proven design to develop the Goose Cop.

Reflective hair, crazy eyes and mean looking scowl give the Goose Cop an aggressive aspect. The strobe light is a high-quality unit that is actually used for airport runway lighting, not some cheap traffic barrier flashing light. Its 6 high intensity LEDs project the light upward to illuminate the Goose Cop from the bottom up, this has a frightening lighting like effect on the geese. The flash pattern is adjustable which is always a desirable feature in order to give a different look and keep the geese guessing.

When the Goose Cop activates, its wild undulations, rapid whipping movements also the sound of the blower and whip cracking noise of the envelope not only causes fear and surprise to nearby geese, but reports suggest geese away from the main flock become disturbed and irritated and leave the area after a short while.

More than anything, the major factor that makes the Goose Cop an effective deterrent is the motion activated feature, this is not something geese will become accustomed to. Unpredictability, surprise and a frightening appearance only when the geese approach is what makes the Goose Cop so effective.

How It Operates

The Goose Cop is activated by remote wireless motion sensors, these sensors (up to eight per unit) are placed in strategic locations around the area you wish to protect. One sensor covers an area of about 60 x 36 feet depending on such factors as the height of the mast, battery condition, terrain etc. Once geese or other wildlife such as deer, coyotes or ducks enter the detection area the motion sensor triggers the blower, the Goose Cop continually inflates and collapses causing the Goose Cop to “Dance”. After a preset time, the unit deflates to awaited the next threat.

The Goose Cop is extremely easy to set up and take down. All components fit neatly into the included storage bag for transport. The Goose Cop provides protection 24/7 and since it only activates when a threat is present it is very economical to operate, about 10 cents a day! The most significant benefit… Peace of Mind! The makers of Goose Cop are lakefront property owners themselves and have experienced firsthand what it’s like to find a disgusting mess and hours of clean up confronting them every time they arrived at their lake homes for a relaxing weekend.

Less Mess - More Weekend!

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